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BBW Forum is the place where you can see some of the hottest and most popular BBW porn tube videos on the internet. There is so much more to love when it comes to plump babes and that is only one of the reasons why there is no more time for wasting. They are more than ready to dance in front of the cameras and show their dancing skills, and most of the time they are using massive toys in order to get off as soon as possible. You are going to love the fact that in the private chat room, these chicks are not shy at all and they are more than ready to spread their big ass cheeks wide and show the goods for your eyes only. That is something that you don’t want to miss so check them out.

There are a few babes that can even come close to Claire, this stunning blonde with a smile that is so cute and yet so seductive that you have troubles figuring out how she does it. She is a girl that we love to have at BBW Forum, especially in this set which shows off all her best assets. In the very beginning, those assets of hers are kept out of sight by a cute dark shirt and a lacy bra that is so hot you will feel the blood inside you boiling.

She is also wearing a pair of super sexy stockings that make her legs look so delicious that you would spend hours worshipping them. Her panties are the tiniest pair we have seen in years and when she turns around, there is not much that those panties can cover. That luscious booty is out to play and there is no stopping it. Claire cannot keep her hands off of those delicious creamy hooters and indeed why should she. It is not like anyone from any of the bbw forums will hold it against her. Those are puppies that deserve all the touching and all the grabbing that she gives them.

If there is one thing we go crazy about here at BBW Forum, then it is a stupendous glamour gallery like this one with Vanessa Del. She is a name that is well-known to those who check out bbw forums at least semi-regularly as she has done some shoots that border on insanely hot. And she does the same again in this amazing shoot. Her smile and those ginormous boobs of hers are here to provide with yet another experience that will stay with you forever.


Vanessa is wearing her hottest red outfit, complete with a red bra that is struggling to keep her tits inside and that soon fails. She is also sporting a tiny thong that is also stretched to limits thanks to that voluptuous ass of hers. Her bazongas soon get free from the restraints of that bra and you are in presence of the most delicious looking chocolate nipples this planet has ever seen. Even Vanessa herself cannot resist but have a lick on those fine nips. If you manage to resist this caramel beauty, then you are a superhero.


BBW Forum is more than pleased to present Dors Feline to you. She is one of those bbw babes that you remember forever once you see them. There are plenty of such babes at bbw forums, but for us, Dors is just simply one of the sexiest to ever take off her clothes in front of the cameras. She is an alternative chick with plenty so sexy tattoos on her creamy body and a seductive look in her eyes that will have you pinned down for as long as she wants. However, if you manage to avert your eyes form that seductive look, you will notice that she is also in possession of majestic mammaries that also demand your full attention.


Check out Dors in this spectacular gallery in which she takes those mammaries of hers out to play and gets them all lathered up in some baby oil. She gives you something to enjoy as she squeezes those beauties together and as she makes you beg for more. Her pink and pierced slit also makes its appearance, so alluring and so inviting that it is impossible to resist it.

There is one type of a bbw we simply lust for here at BBW Forum and that is the luscious honey who is not afraid to show what a horny slut she is. For instance, Desiree Charms is the perfect example, a rotund blonde with a smile that can move mountains and mountains of her own, those creamy curves that she flaunts with such pride. She is a common name on BBW forums and in this scene, you will find out why.


She is sporting her sexiest outfit and she is seducing this lucky black dude with those epic curves of hers. Once she takes that black rod in her mouth, he has no way of escaping her allure. She gets that fat schlong even fatter and hard as a rock with that stunning blowjob. Once she gets him ready, she spreads her legs and welcomes that ginormous dick inside her pink and supertight pussy. The guy truly gives her the boning of her life, stuffing that honey pot so hard and so deep that she can feel him rearranging her internal organs.

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